Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure

dataBI offers you to migrate or create your IT environment on the most advanced cloud platform on the market. In it you can host the applications, documents and infrastructure to support the services of your business. The continuity of your business and security will always be guaranteed. Thanks to our cloud computing monitoring and maintenance service.

Office 365

This is a comprehensive cloud solution for companies that want to work from any device and anywhere both online and offline. Thanks to this platform, you will have your documents available and you will discover how easy it is to share and collaborate between different teams.

In dataBI We take care of migrating your platform to the cloud and we are responsible for the administration.

Power BI

With Power BI, a leading tool in data analysis and visualization, you can interact with key information of your business at any time and from anywhere, allowing you to make much faster and more accurate decisions than your competitors.

At dataBI, we are specialists in Power BI solution development and platform administration, as well as consultancy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The ERP revolution. Comprehensive management with all the potential of ERP in the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a new milestone in business management software. ERP, CRM, Productivity, Business Intelligence, Task automation, Flexibility.

Google Workspace

Nuestro servicio de Google Workspace es una solución de productividad y colaboración que agrupa las herramientas que necesitas para trabajar mejor en equipo. Te ayudamos a integrar las herramientas del suite en tu espacio de trabajo y aprovechar al máximo todo su valor con nuestros servicios. Desde dataBI queremos que trabajes de forma más simple, desde cualquier lugar y que puedas colaborar con tus compañeros. Además, los datos de tu negocio están mejor protegidos.

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