El origen de dataBI nuestra historia

dataBI  began life in 2019, catering to the fact that the majority of companies realise the necessity of adopting new models of negotiating, adapting existing processes, growing infrastructure tools into the digital revolution and analysing data with precise business intelligence. Every day, these sciences are integrated more in the negotiating world within the digital transformation which is crucial for the future of your business.

The utilisation of ‘Cloud computing’ and ‘Big Data’ is proving decisive in competing companies. It has a direct impact on efficiency, creativity and customer base satisfaction.

dataBI is specialising in Business intelligence solutions that are supported by the latest technology available. The key to company success is when the company members have the knowledge and resources to offer services and solutions at a cost that suits, to adapt seamlessly to the necessities of any negotiation.

The objective of dataBI with respect to our clients business needs, is to support their existing most profitable values while helping them to discover new opportunities in order to maximise profits. Our solutions have helped companies to take earlier and more precise decisions, thus reducing overall loss of earnings.

Thanks to our experience and our dedicated nature towards our clients, dataBI can offer solutions that build unity which subsequently leads to continuous learning between customer and supplier, converting both into the best analysts of the business.

This relationship we propose is fundamental for creating truly useful and valuable solutions. The result of this process is the identification of key business indicators (KPIs – key performance indicators) in the processes of every service of the targeted business model, and for those that follow, they can be monitored using the most versatile and flexible tools available on the market.

The recommended infrastructure and software is already being managed by dataBI for its clients. Software and infrastructure that can be found on the cloud platform, practically guaranteeing the availability of resources whenever needed. With this, we strive to develop and Maintain incident free systems designed with backup strategies and quality contingency plans that permit us the continuity in business, that will prove to be one of the best values that can be gained from choosing dataBI.

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